Solutions and APIs are available to let you quickly and easily send and receive SMS for all your business needs.

The HSL SMS gateway from HSL MobileĀ® provides SMS services which enable enterprises to send and receive SMS messages. These services comprise of a suite of solutions and APIs which can be easily integrated into any enterprise. Example uses include critical/emergency alerting, staff communications, M2M, customer promotions, reminders and two-factor authentication. To read more about what the service can be used for see the Uses section.

We provide the ability for you to send messages to mobiles and receive messages from mobiles. Inbound messages are received through our Virtual Mobile Number, Virtual SIM Hosting or Physical SIM Hosting features. Two-way text messaging / SMS is supported on all our solutions and APIs.


Powerful solutions at your fingertips for communication via SMS. No integration work required.


We also provide a suite of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that can easily be integrated into any business to enable the sending and receiving of SMS messages.