Engage with your customers
and staff using mobile messaging.

Business SMS text messaging solutions
that make a difference to your bottom line.

SMS text messaging allows you to communicate with teams, customers and colleagues quickly and effectively. It is the only messaging technology that is available on almost every mobile phone in the world. Speak to us about how we can help your organisation with reliable business SMS from HSL Mobile®.

Send text messages

Business customers only (including public sector, schools, charities)

HSL Mobile® has been providing SMS gateway services through our SMS APIs and solutions to businesses and other organisations since 1999. Customers of our SMS messaging service include major organisations such as DHL, Cap Gemini, John Lewis, NHS and Save the Children, in addition to SMEs, local authorities, police forces and schools. To read more about HSL Mobile please visit hslmobile.com.
Through our UK SMS gateway's solutions and APIs we provide a powerful range of SMS messaging services using our advanced, reliable and fast messaging infrastructure. Our SMS gateway allows you to receive SMS from mobiles using virtual mobile numbers (VMNs), virtual SIM hosting (VSIM) and physical SIM hosting, and send SMS to mobiles on over 900 mobile networks worldwide.


If you're a developer and are looking for SMS API specs, SDKs, apps and code samples to use our SMS gateway then you'll find them here.

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