Averting a school crisis… how to alert parents quickly and easily in an emergency


Imagine it’s 07:45 and you’ve just arrived in the school office when the phone rings. You recognise the number as the bus company for the school and so you take the call knowing what it is about to happen next. Your fear is confirmed… The school bus has broken down and whilst there will be a replacement bus being sent out, it will be about 40 minutes later than normal.

You now need to quickly alert parents and guardians of all the pupils who are collected by the bus so that they can either arrange alternative ways of getting into school or are made aware of the delay so that pupils are not left waiting long times at bus stops expecting a bus which isn’t going to arrive. What you need is a fast and easy way of reaching people and also being able to obtain a response from them as it is crucial to ensure that they have been made aware of the situation.

With text messages having a 98% read rate and, more importantly, 9 out of 10 text messages being opened within 3 seconds of being received (source: DMA), you know that the best way to alert parents quickly is by text. You reach for your work mobile and quickly type a message advising of the situation and asking for parents to acknowledge receipt of the message. You then send the message to your broadcast number. Done. Seconds later, you start receiving replies from the parents concerned and you begin noting which pupils will be coming in via a different method of transport and therefore should make it to registration and first classes as normal. You also start taking note of those who will be in later, so that the details can be included in the daily bulletin and their teachers are made aware.

This is just one example of the how text messaging can improve school communications in a simple and effective way. To learn about the other ways text messaging can benefit your school, have a look at our Education section.

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