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Car due for service? Car ready for collection? Customer updates are key to repeat business


According to, “at the end of March 2017, there were 37.5 million vehicles registered for use on the road in Great Britain.” This translates to 37.5 million vehicles needing to be serviced, and depending on age, also requiring an annual MOT. This is great news for garages and dealerships with service departments but the question remains, with online bookings and so many garages offering various MOT/service deals, how do you establish customer loyalty and gain repeat business? In the US, a recent JD Power study revealed that “among customers who are contacted by phone, 55% say they “definitely will” return for paid service. When receiving text message updates, that loyalty factor jumps to 67%.”

With the UK car sales market back on track and official figures showing a second consecutive month of growth (source: Autoexpress), now is the time for UK dealerships and garages to capitalise on this communication method to increase year on year business revenues. CRM packages are available which include text messaging (SMS) are part of the communication tools available. However CRM packages are not suited to all dealerships. Perhaps you are a smaller dealership or service garage and just need a simple and quick way of sending out communications to your customers alerting them of when their services are due and encouraging them to return to you for the work. Once the service is booked, you can then send an SMS reminder a few days before the work is due so that the customer does not forget, or if they need to, they can reschedule to a more suitable time. During the service, an SMS can be sent to the customer containing a link where they can view their car’s health check online. This gives the customer real time information on the status of the work and saves on unnecessary paperwork. Finally, once the work is complete a final SMS can be sent to the customer advising that the car is ready for collection. By keeping the customer updated with convenient texts that will reach the customer no matter where or what they are doing at that time, dealerships can nurture the customer experience to ensure that when their next service is due, or further work is required, they will be happy to return and not feel the need to look elsewhere.

WebSMS is an easy to use online portal where you can log in, create message templates, quickly send out individual or group messages and also securely store customer contact details. Replies are received into the portal and can be stored into customer folders or downloaded and merged with customer information stored elsewhere. To learn about the other benefits your business can gain, have a look at our WebSMS page.

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