Posts From the monthly archives: "July 2018"

It can be hard as a parent and as a school to keep pupils focussed on what is often classed as some of the most important and difficult years of a child’s life.  Exam pressure affects everyone differently and with all the demands of being a teenager in today’s world, exams can cause…(Read More)

annual service reminder

Did you know that less than a quarter of car dealerships are currently engaging in email marketing campaigns (source: Benchmark). Of those who are, they are mostly using email to send out pricing offers to customers. But it’s not just for marketing purposes that you need to contact your customers. In addition to letting…(Read More)


Without customers, businesses simply wouldn’t exist. As such it is mandatory to put customers at the heart of your business activity and for this reason Customer Relationship Management (CRM) should be top of your priority list. To assist with this there are many CRM packages on the market which are designed to make your…(Read More)

cancelled event

How many times last year were you notified by your child’s school that their game / match had been cancelled at the last minute? How many times last year did you actually receive the notification in time? Informing parents of last minute changes or cancellations to school events is a tricky and time sensitive challenge…(Read More)


According to Forbes, McKinsey Global Institute define Big Data as “datasets whose size is beyond the ability of typical database software tools to capture, store, manage and analyze.” The concept of ‘Big Data’ has been about now for a number of years but the question still remains as to how can small to medium sized…(Read More)

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