Need to remind parents and guardians of key dates in the school calendar?


Throughout the school year there are so many events and important dates to remember that it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for parents and guardians to keep on track. There are parents’ evenings, sports days and school shows to name but a few. Coupled with the fact that you have these for each year group and if you have more than one child at the school, the number of events, dates and appointments increases further. To make it easier on parents, schools will often send out reminders usually in the form of letters or emails. However letters can easily get lost (or to be more exact end up crunched at the bottom of a school bag) whereas emails may not be read in time or at all!

One alternative would be for schools to send out the initial calendar of appointments at the beginning of the year and then simply follow up with a weekly text reminder summarising the relevant upcoming events that affect that particular family. This helps keep everyone updated without bombarding anyone with unnecessary reminders. With 94% of adults in 2017 owning a mobile phone (source: OFCOM) and checking their phones at least once every hour per day (source: the Independent) it is clear that sending a text message will ensure that the information is read by the recipient in a timely manner.

There are various online portals which can help schools send out text messages and process replies. The portals enable school admins to log in online, store all contacts’ details, set up various groups (for example by year group, class, or subject) and then quickly send out the right information to the relevant contacts. The portals are self explanatory and as such don’t even require training. One excellent example of a portal suited for school communications is the WebSMS solution offered by HSL Mobile.

To view a quick demo of WebSMS and find out more about how it can improve school communications have a look at our WebSMS page.

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