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Quickly inform parents of school closures or cancelled events


How many times last year were you notified by your child’s school that their game / match had been cancelled at the last minute? How many times last year did you actually receive the notification in time? Informing parents of last minute changes or cancellations to school events is a tricky and time sensitive challenge facing most schools today. Common methods of alerting parents and guardians involve traditional phonecalls or emails but when time is of the essence these just aren’t effective enough. So what can schools use instead?

Text messaging would be the logical choice as texts are read more often and responded to more quickly than other forms of communication. According to a study by Singlepoint, texts have a 99% open rate whilst Forbes reported that 95% of texts are read within three minutes. Today, peoples’ free time is measured in seconds and not minutes or hours and with sending and receiving a text being 10 times faster than placing a voice call (source:

Text messaging can be easily merged into schools’ existing communications. Admin staff can either simply send out texts using their email, or if the school has a MIS in place then text messaging can be integrated to the package thus complementing existing systems with minimal disruption to school processes. There are even options available where staff don’t need to be sat at their desk and can instead send out group messages to predefined contact lists using their mobiles. To learn more about AlertBroadcast and other ways of sending out school communications, visit our helpful Education section

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