Did you know that text messaging can boost car dealership revenues?


You’re nearing the end of the current quarter and your sales figures are not quite hitting the desired targets. You have a number of potential customers who you have been speaking with but it will take time to call each of them individually, close the sales and you’re a bit short of time. So what do you do? You quickly pull together a spreadsheet of the customers you wish to contact, upload it into your communications portal, write a quick message asking if they are still interested and wish to discuss further and then send out the message to all the contacts to be delivered within seconds. You soon start to receive responses which allow you to quickly filter out those who are not interested, confirm those who are and let you follow up with the promising ones and unknown ones by phone. By sending this one quick message you have saved yourself potentially a significant amount of time and money, as well as identified warmer contacts in your pipeline in a fraction of the time.

This is just one example of how text messaging (SMS) can be used within a car dealership to boost sales revenues and help sales teams meet their targets.

There are many other benefits for dealerships to also take advantage of. For example:

  • Reduced costs – much cheaper to text people than make numerous phone calls or even post out communications which are quite likely to just be binned
  • Reinforce marketing messages/promotions – notify existing customers of add on services or other products which may be of interest to them (you can then follow up by phone or by posting/emailing brochures etc)
  • Beat the competition and remind customers when their next service is due – by reminding a customer of when their next service is due you can win their repeat business before they have a chance to look elsewhere

To learn more about how SMS can improve your car dealership’s performance, have a look at our WebSMS solution

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