Why CRM should be at the top of your priority list…


Without customers, businesses simply wouldn’t exist. As such it is mandatory to put customers at the heart of your business activity and for this reason Customer Relationship Management (CRM) should be top of your priority list. To assist with this there are many CRM packages on the market which are designed to make your sales team’s lives so much simpler and most importantly, more effective. CRM systems can replace manual processes, such as marketing automation, and enable cross department collaboration. They also connect to a number of 3rd party tools which assist companies in understanding their CRM data and learning things about their customers which they would otherwise not do (source:

In addition to this, CRM packages enable businesses to communicate more effectively with their customers usually through multiple channels including email, phone and text. Text messaging (SMS) is often overlooked by businesses and considered more of a chat/personal tool rather than the flexible, discreet and fast communication tool it actually is. Not only does the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of mobile SMS messaging make it the ideal medium to use within mobile marketing campaigns for reinforcing brand awareness and loyalty, building market share and gaining that vital competitive edge but it’s sheer convenience of reaching mobile phone users makes it a very effective method for reaching people anywhere and fast. CRM software providers therefore require the most reliable and robust of suppliers to be in place to ensure that their CRM offering is as efficient as it should be.

Specialising in SMS services since 1999, and comprising a proven and advanced messaging infrastructure, HSL Mobile are best placed to offer a highly reliable, global SMS service which can be easily integrated into CRM packages. We support a number of APIs including SMPP, HTTP, SMTP and Web Services and can combine our existing services and build custom solutions to meet bespoke customer requirements.

To find out more about how easily our SMS services can be integrated into your customer offering why not visit our Documentation page where we provide useful detail on the various APIs you may wish to use.

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