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Top 5 reasons why your dealership should use SMS


Did you know that less than a quarter of car dealerships are currently engaging in email marketing campaigns (source: Benchmark). Of those who are, they are mostly using email to send out pricing offers to customers. But it’s not just for marketing purposes that you need to contact your customers. In addition to letting them know about the new cars and offers available you also need to update them on when their car MOT and services are due, give them updates during the process including visual links letting them access an up to date mechanical report and provide after sales support and information. With that in mind, why not consider the benefits that SMS text messaging has to offer:

  1. Text messages have a 98% read rate and, more importantly, 9 out of 10 text messages are opened within 3 seconds of being received (source: DMA), compared with average email opening rates of just 21%.
  2. SMS is a convenient and discreet way to update your customers.
  3. You can enhance customer after sales with personalised follow ups and even include appealing call to actions to encourage feedback or signing up for other services/offers.
  4. As of 2017 95% of households owned a mobile phone (source: statista) and with more and more people admitting to always having their mobile near them or on them, texting is an easy way of reaching people who might otherwise be difficult to reach.
  5. One short message can include web links and use enticing visuals to encourage recipients to click through to find out more / sign up / buy.

When you think of text messaging you may think of it as just a chat tool that you use for personal/family conversations. But it is actually so much more. There are many different forms of text messaging available for company use. For instance, you can send text messages to mobiles from your work email, you can log in to an online portal and create message templates, store contact information, set up distribution lists to allow you to send out multiple messages simultaneously to groups as well as view and store replies. You can learn more about the type of messaging services available on our website at

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