SMS being used to increase exam results in schools


It can be hard as a parent and as a school to keep pupils focussed on what is often classed as some of the most important and difficult years of a child’s life.  Exam pressure affects everyone differently and with all the demands of being a teenager in today’s world, exams can cause significant stress to our children.

Schools teach subjects during the school day and hope that they prepare their pupils for the impending exams and coursework with the support of parents at home.  However, outside of school there is often so much going on in a young person’s life that it would be great to be able to contact pupils with exam tips and quick reminders of topics to be concentrating on.  This can be invaluable to a child who is trying to arrange their study for a number of exams, and also can help to put parents’ minds at rest that their children are being fully supported even during study leave.

Many schools are starting to implement SMS text messaging in a new way.  Not just as a tool to communicate with parents, but as a tool to keep communication with pupils.  Particularly during study leave when pupils are left to their own devices trying to coordinate their study.  The benefits of this are clear as it can help schools to provide more support to pupils, but more acutely it helps to improve grades across subjects.

It is extremely easy for teaching staff to use SMS text messaging.  For example, a teacher can send a simple email which would be sent onto the pupils’ mobile phones as an SMS text message.  Let’s face it, children these days have their phones permanently with them and with the read rate of SMS messages being over 95% it is a communication tool that can only assist with learning.  Alternatively, a web portal can be used where teaching staff can login and send messages to an entire class in an instant.

School branded messages can be sent so that pupils know it is a school communication or replies from pupils can be enabled so that teaching staff can field questions from pupils.  HSL Mobile’s EmailSMS and WebSMS solutions can facilitate this.

The benefits are clear.  If you would like more information on how SMS can help improve academic grades and communication with pupils take a look at our Education sector information online at

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