Posts From the monthly archives: "August 2018"
Rich Text Messaging

With small businesses reporting customer retention rates below 20% (source: Retention Marketing Report), it is now more crucial than ever for them to ensure their customer communications are highly effective and positive. But how can they achieve this? Well, harnessing the power of imagery is a good place to start. It’s a fact that…(Read More)


With the exception of the good old ‘school letter’ email has generally been considered the ‘go to’ form of communication between a school and parents / carers. A number of schools to this day still prefer to use email for the majority of their communications and will opt for this regardless of the alternatives. However…(Read More)

Rich Text Messaging

As the mobile industry strives to add more value to their services for their customers, more and more technically rich products and services are becoming available to businesses which can enhance their communication and boost sales. A great example of this is Rich Text Messaging. The evolution of services in the mobile messaging space significantly…(Read More)

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