Rich Text Messaging

What value can be derived from Rich Text Messaging?


As the mobile industry strives to add more value to their services for their customers, more and more technically rich products and services are becoming available to businesses which can enhance their communication and boost sales. A great example of this is Rich Text Messaging.

The evolution of services in the mobile messaging space significantly benefits businesses as they cope with ever-increasing pressures on revenue and margin growth. New services such as Rich Text Messaging allows value to be passed down the chain to the end user, and as such can positively drive sales and improve customer loyalty.

SMS is used by many businesses around the world for a vast array of use cases. For example, critical alerting, appointment reminders, internal and customer communications, reducing costs and improving efficiencies in their communications. So, what is Rich Text Messaging and how can it add value to the existing communications mix?

Rich Text Messaging is the means to send a message to customers that can contain text, images, video and calls to action. A number of benefits can be derived, and the value is in the engaging interaction.

  • Rich content: video, images, text, CTA
  • Fully trackable: know when the message is delivered and read
  • Messages are designed for mobile: consistent visual appearance across different mobiles
  • Templates: Eases message creation
  • Secure: Rich message pages delivered via TLS (secure communications between servers and web browsers)

Rich Text Messaging provides businesses with a more intuitive and engaging form of communication which can ultimately lead to increased revenues and margin growth by interacting with customers with more meaningful communications. The service can ultimately provide more opportunity for sales to be closed, provide closer contact with the end customer, remind customers about products and services, and promote certain services to drive sales. There is vast potential from this service.

If you would like to find out how the value from this service can be derived to help your business, HSL Mobile can help. They provide Rich Text Messaging as part of their service portfolio with an easy to setup and straightforward API. When sending rich messages, you can easily specify a template for the message, along with the content that you want in each part of the template. The message is securely stored on HSL Mobile’s servers and once the customer has clicked the link in the SMS text message, the message is sent to the customer. Contact HSL Sales for more information.

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