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With the exception of the good old ‘school letter’ email has generally been considered the ‘go to’ form of communication between a school and parents / carers. A number of schools to this day still prefer to use email for the majority of their communications and will opt for this regardless of the alternatives. However…(Read More)


It can be hard as a parent and as a school to keep pupils focussed on what is often classed as some of the most important and difficult years of a child’s life.  Exam pressure affects everyone differently and with all the demands of being a teenager in today’s world, exams can cause…(Read More)

cancelled event

How many times last year were you notified by your child’s school that their game / match had been cancelled at the last minute? How many times last year did you actually receive the notification in time? Informing parents of last minute changes or cancellations to school events is a tricky and time sensitive challenge…(Read More)

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