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Grass is a groundbreaking network sharing application that allows users to sell their unused bandwidth. Unlike existing networks operated by exploitative middlemen, Grass offers an equitable solution where both sides actively participate in the network. Here are the key points:

Earn Points:

  1. Sign up here, install the Grass extension, and run it to earn points.
  2. Get 20% of your referred friends’ points, 10% from secondary referees, and 5% from tertiary referees.
  3. Earn points while browsing the internet.
  4. Grass enables you to earn passive income by selling your unused bandwidth while maintaining privacy.
  5. Successful referrals require a minimum uptime of 100 hours on Grass.
  6. Future Governance Token:Grass has confirmed the launch of a governance token in the future.Users who earn points may convert them into tokens when the token goes live.
  7. Galxe Quest:Complete the Galxe quest to earn bonus Grass points.
  8. Whales Market:Buy or sell points at Whales Market for potential profits based on speculation.

Please note that while there is no guarantee of an airdrop, Grass’s speculative potential makes it an interesting project. Stay updated and follow Grass on Twitter, Telegram, and Facebook!

For more details, you can visit the official Grass website.

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