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Airdrop Ends 01/10/2024
AirDrop Link: Go to airdrop

Lyra is transitioning from LYRA to LDX tokens. Stake and lock your LYRA tokens before May 8 to earn Holder Points, which qualify you for the LDX airdrop. Each staked LYRA earns 1 Holder Point per hour. The airdrop will occur in Q3 2024, with LYRA converting to LDX at a 1:1 ratio without changing the total supply.

Here’s the process for participating in the Lyra airdrop:

  1. Visit the Lyra website.
  2. Sign in using your email, Google account, or wallet.
  3. To start earning points, enter the code “DL6II” and deposit at least $25.
  4. Earn free points for trading, depositing, and inviting friends.
  5. You can also earn LDX by holding LYRA.
  6. Earn 250 points per $1 fee paid on options and perpetual trades.
  7. Earn 1 point per $100 deposited to Lyra per hour.
  8. Refer others to earn 20% of your invitee points and 10% of their invitee points.
  9. Unlock higher levels for additional LDX bonuses.
  10. Pre-snapshot LYRA stakers will receive a separate allocation of the LDX airdrop.
  11. LDX is the new utility token of the Lyra Derivatives Network. It will be airdropped to farmers and traders in Q3 2024. Existing LYRA holders will be migrated 1:1 to LDX with the same total supply.

For more details, visit Lyra Airdrop.

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