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Airdrop Ends
AirDrop Link: Go to airdrop

M2 is conducting an airdrop campaign, offering $160,000 USDT in MMX tokens. To participate, users must hold a minimum of 10 MMX tokens in their wallets. The campaign is set to run for a month, with various tasks released weekly. To qualify, participants must complete all tasks, which include purchasing and maintaining the required MMX balance. The airdrop is accessible through the TaskOn and Zealy quest pages, where users can log in and complete the listed activities. The rewards will be distributed based on the completion of tasks and wallet balance verification. For detailed instructions and to join the airdrop, visit the official M2 airdrop page1.

How to join airdrop

  1. Go to the TaskOn and Zealy quest websites.
  2.  Sign in with your preferred social media credentials or digital wallet.
  3.  Fulfill the list of tasks provided on both quest sites.
  4.  Promote M2 across various platforms referred to as ‘X’.
  5.  Become a follower of M2 on ‘X’.
  6.  Follow an individual named Stefan on ‘X’.
  7.  Connect with them on Instagram and Telegram.
  8.  Interact with their top post by liking, commenting, and saving it.
  9.  Share their top post on your feed, include the hashtags #M2 and $MMX, and mention five of your friends.
  10.  Invite five friends to join the quest initiative.
  11.  Acquire at least 15 MMX tokens to be eligible for the raffle. If you don’t own any MMX tokens yet, you can purchase them on Uniswap via the airdrop webpage.
  12.  The campaign is scheduled to span one month, with new tasks introduced weekly.
  13.  Your participation will be confirmed through a verification of your wallet’s balance and the tasks you’ve completed.
  14.  The rewards are structured as follows:
  15.  The initial 999 individuals who complete all the quest tasks will be awarded 5 USD each.
  16.  Participants numbered from 1,000 to 2,000 will each receive a reward of 10 USD.
  17.  Should the number of participants surpass 2,000, a raffle will be conducted.
  18.  Monetary prizes will be credited directly to the winners’ accounts.
  19. For comprehensive details regarding the airdrop, please refer to the official announcement of the campaign.

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