WebSMS Updates

Updates to HSL Mobile’s WebSMS solution can be found on this page. If you need any clarification about an update please contact support@hslmobile.com.  The WebSMS User Guide can be found at https://hslsms.com/documentation/websms-user-guide/.


Compose section

Drag-and-drop of distribution lists into the To field has been added to allow a quick way of both importing a distribution list and immediately sending to that list. When the distribution list CSV file is dropped into the To field it is immediately imported. The message can then be entered into the Message field and the “Send” button clicked to send the message.

Icons have been added alongside the To field for easy access to Distribution Lists and the Phonebook (see A in below image). Using these lists and entries can be selected. CSV files can also be imported. These icons will replace the Phonebook and Distribution Lists selection boxes (see B in below image) in an upcoming release of WebSMS.

The number of recipients to which the message is being sent is now shown at the bottom of the Compose section. This includes all selected Phonebook entries, Distribution Lists and mobile numbers that can been entered into the To field. Note: Care should be taken to ensure that the number of recipients to which you are sending the message matches with what has been entered/sected in the To field.

Integration with external systems

WebSMS now integrates with all school management information systems (MIS) accesible via the Wonde API. Periodic synchronisation can be scheduled to create/update all class, group, staff and other lists. Supported MIS can be found at https://www.wonde.com/integrations.