AlertBroadcast is an effective two-way SMS alert system between a controller and a team. Send an SMS broadcast to alert a team in an emergency situation or with time critical information. Broadcasts can be sent simply by sending an SMS from your mobile.

When you need to get a message out quickly to a group of people, you can send it from your mobile phone without the need for a computer or internet connection. A single text message can be sent from your mobile phone to a broadcast number that then causes the text message to be sent out to any number of mobile phones. Recipients of the message can also reply back to your message and their reply relayed back to your phone.


SMS message delivery can make a difference when immediate communication is essential.

The AlertBroadcast service is used for sending messages to employees or other stakeholders direct from your mobile phone. You simply type a text message and send it to the broadcast number. We then immediately send your message to a distribution list of mobiles associated with your broadcast number.

You can have multiple broadcast numbers for different distribution lists, allowing you to send messages to different sites, departments, senior management or other teams as you need to.

With AlertBroadcast there is no need to be at a computer to get your message out.

Roll Call - By sending "ROLL CALL" a predefined message is sent to your team asking them to reply with their status. This status is then available to you in a report that can be viewed from your mobile.

This service can be linked to WebSMS for you to send messages to a group of people from your computer using a web browser.
AlertBroadcast User Guide

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