Rich Text Messaging

Engage with your customers through the power of messages that contain text, images, video and calls to action.

Our rich text messaging service allows you to deliver a message containing richer content as a link in a regular SMS text message. On receiving the SMS text message your customer clicks on the link to display the rich message in the web browser on their mobile phone.


  • Rich content: video, images, text, CTA
  • Fully trackable: know when message is delivered and read
  • Messages are designed for mobile: consistent visual appearance across different mobiles
  • Templates: Eases message creation
  • Secure: Rich messages pages delivered via TLS
  • API: Easy set-up and straightforward API

The rich message is for viewing on the screen of a mobile phone and contains text, images, video and calls to action that allow you to engage better with your customers. When sending the rich message you specify a template for the message along with the content that you want in each part of the template. We securely store the message on our servers and securely send the message to your customer when they click the link in the SMS text message.

Rich text messages can be used where you want to interact with the customer, such as have them confirm an appointment or click through to your website. They can also be used where you need to use the power of images to convey a true sense of your product. Or it may be that you simply wish to improve the experience for your customer by having your messages more represent your organisation than a simple SMS text message can do.

Speak to us

To discuss with us what your business or organisation would like to do with Rich Text Messaging, receive a quote or to get a trial of our services, please contact us.

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