SIM Hosting

Receive SMS from mobiles using virtual SIM hosting and physical SIM hosting.

Physical SIM Hosting

Receiving incoming SMS from mobiles on different networks using a SIM hosted by HSL allows the client to provide a mobile number of their choice. SIMs are monitored 24x7 and, while not technically superior to the "Virtual Mobile" solution, are hosted in specialised equipment on HSL's premises and are suitable for low volume traffic applications.

Virtual SIM Hosting

"Virtual SIM Hosting" provides a high performance method of receiving up to 50 SMS per second through a customer-supplied SIM. The mobile number of the SIM can be used to receive SMS without the restrictions of normal SIM card hosting. This service supports approximately 600 mobile networks worldwide and is a means of getting the performance of Virtual Mobile Numbers (VMNs) with the advantage of a national mobile number (e.g. a SIM from a mobile network in France for use with a service targeted at mobile users in France).