SMS APIs are available to let you quickly and easily send and receive SMS for all your business needs. HTTP, SMTP, SMPP and Web Services.

We provide a suite of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that can easily be integrated into your organisation to enable the sending and receiving of SMS messages. Whether you're adding SMS notifications into a workflow application, SMS alerts to a monitoring system, SMS reminders to an appointment system or controlling equipment remotely (M2M/IoT) then you'll find a suitable SMS API here. Details for each SMS API that we provide can be found below.

All of the APIs can handle a very high level of messaging and, subject to how your application performs, you will be able to use any of the APIs to send and receive a high volume of messages at a high rate.

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SMS API Developer Documents

Simple or sophisticated: Both the HTTP API and SMTP API for SMS come in two varieties: simple and sophisticated. The sophisticated variety of each API has extensive character set support and is two-way by default. Both varieties of HTTP API will make a callback to a webhook URL that you define, enabling you to receive delivery receipts and inbound SMS.

Our SMS APIs support receiving SMS messages from mobiles to your application through Virtual Mobile Number, Virtual SIM Hosting or Physical SIM Hosting features. Inbound SMS allows mobile users to interact with your application and can be used to provide confirmation in response to a message they received, chat with an informative "bot" or another person, request something or as a means of verification. Two-way text messaging is supported on all of APIs.


Sign-up and select the SMS API you wish to use. If you aren't sure about which one is best for you then please contact us.


If you're a developer and are looking for SMS API specs, SDKs, apps and code samples to use our SMS gateway then you'll find them here.

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