Getting through to teams, customers and colleagues quickly and effectively is a need that spans many sectors.

Different sectors may have their own requirements for SMS messaging, although there can be common uses across sectors. Below you can view some example uses and further down the page you can see examples specific to various sectors. To discuss your specific requirements contact HSL Mobile's sales team today.

Scenario: Imagine you are a boss of a team and you need to get a message out to all of your team as quickly as possible. They aren't always on email but they always have their mobile phones close by (of course). You decide to text each of them. Each of them. One-by-one you send them the same text message. It's made a little easier by you copying and pasting the same message, but you've got a team of 50 people and it's going to take time.
Each sector has its own needs to which SMS can be used to provide benefit to the activities of an enterprise in that sector. Uses of SMS in a variety of sectors can be found below.


Banking and Finance

Mobile Alerts for Financial Management

Sending mobile financial communications to customers not only helps them manage their finances better, it helps you create better relationships with your valuable customers. For example, send an SMS alert when customer funds are low or when a direct debit is due to come off. These types of mobile financial alerts help your customers manage their money and in return makes them feel valued, increasing the likelihood that they will continue to stay with you.

Secure SMS Banking

Our communication services can be used to send sensitive mobile banking information such as transaction and fraud message alerts directly to your customer's mobile, ensuring privacy and safety standards are met. By sending proactive mobile banking alerts, customers are kept informed and can deal with any issues on the spot, helping increase the control and security of their personal information.

Our customers can also use us for everything from password delivery and authentication for mobile banking security, to product and service promotions, to enhance their mobile banking service. Banking alerts notify customers in an instant with any important information concerning their accounts and personal details.

Mobile banking applications

Mobile banking applications (apps) can help you strengthen customer engagement and develop longer term relationships. There are already many apps in the market which centre around mortgages and housing but developing innovative apps can provide even more value as it allows you to stand out from the competition and attract new customers.

SMS trade alerts

SMS alerts update investors in real time. This is crucial considering how fast paced this environment is, as share prices can move quickly and unexpectedly. In order to capitilise promptly and minimise losses, companies need to be able to communicate with investors immediately. SMS trade alerts can also help provide proof of trades ensuring investors always know what trades have been made and any changes affecting their finances.

Construction and Property
Mobile messaging services open the door on an almost endless variety of applications, not least of which is giving construction firms the tools to effectively manage employees and sub-contractors working remotely on site.  Workers can use their mobiles to relay timesheet information and requests for materials directly from the field, thus eliminating the need for time-consuming paperwork or worse, taking them off the job to find a laptop. 

Mobile alerts can also be sent to workers informing them of cancellations or postponements to scheduled work due to bad weather or the non-delivery of essential supplies and redirecting them to another job.

In property management, clients are using SMS as the most cost-effective way to chase tenants over late rental payments or to keep in constant contact with landlords and maintenance contractors.  Estate agents and lettings firms are also increasingly using SMS mobile messaging as the quick and easy way to provide prospective buyers and sellers with details regarding property availability, interest from viewers and updated information on the progress of house sales and purchases.


Apart from sending instantly relayed local messages to students, colleagues and parents, the many other benefits SMS offers educational institutions include enabling e-learning for distance learners all over the world and informing students immediately of their exam results rather than making them wait for the snail mail (post) to arrive!

Some teachers also use SMS for providing absenteeism reports or for communicating with parents. Keeping parents informed about any issue relating to their child is a key part of the education process, and being able to easily contact parents regarding an issue at school, truancy or just to provide regular updates on their child's progress or school events offers clear benefits to schools, parents and pupils alike.

Schools need to not only notify staff about any impending school closures, they also need to notify all the parents of students. It is crucial that parents are informed quickly as they may need to arrange for alternative childcare to be put in place and can mean a parent will have to be absent from work. Schools are also under pressure to protect all children. This means that they need to ensure that travel to school is not dangerous as this can have severe consequences for them if travel is deemed dangerous and the school remains open. To ensure all staff and parents are informed instantly, SMS notifications are an extremely effective way to inform all parties quickly and accurately that schools are to remain open or close.



SMS Scheduling

Planning and organising are key when it comes to event success. This can be rather difficult to achieve though when you have to juggle different groups of people such as sponsors, exhibiting companies, speakers, attendees, catering companies and so on.

Event SMS alerts can be used for virtually every part of the event planning process. From confirming the booking by SMS to sending event updates, these alerts provide a convenient and fast way of communicating information to all relevant parties to ensure every event you plan and organise runs smoothly and is a resounding success.

Critical Event SMS Alerts

Unfortunately, like any good plan, not everything can go to plan. What can organisers do when last minute changes are made to the time or venue? How can they notify all attendees instantaneously about changes that will affect them attending the event? At HSL Mobile, we provide time critical solutions to allow businesses to alert a group of people at once with critical information. For event companies, this means they can notify all attendees by the click of a button regarding any last minute changes and with over 90% of all text messages being read in a matter of seconds, they can rest assured that attendees will receive the information. Panic over!


Mobile ticketing is becoming more common in many industries as it makes the purchasing process as simple as possible. Customers can buy a ticket online and store the information on their phone. This makes it more difficult to lose and allows customers to store the information safely and keep it on them at all times - as let's be honest, what's the likelihood of customers NOT having their mobile phone on them?

Live Event SMS Notifications

At corporate events, SMS notifications can be used to direct attendees to a particular stand, send exhibition updates by SMS or notify them when the next speaker is due to begin. At public events such as festivals, charity races and national sporting events, SMS alerts can be used to send SMS to volunteers, let people know when their favourite bands are on next or when the next race is due to begin.

At HSL Mobile we will work closely with you to help you improve the customer experience to ensure your special event is a great success not just this time around, but in the future as well.


Mobile communications really is the most practical way to communicate with patients and particularly those who may have profound hearing problems. In some hospitals, specialist SMS solutions are being used to allow patients to contact family and friends without the risk of the technology affecting the performance of other hospital equipment.

mHealth initiatives continue to grow rapidly with healthcare apps flooding the market from tracking workout apps to monitoring diabetes apps. However, it's vital that these developments are of a high quality and patient centric.

Hospitals, clinics and local GP practices are increasingly relying on the speed and efficiency of SMS to convey important information to their patients – perhaps to remind them of an appointment or to take their medication. It could also be to send out personally tailored SMS messages of encouragement and support to smokers trying to quit or dieters needing a little boost of morale. And there can certainly be no better way to contact doctors on call or standby duty.


There are a number of ways the SMS mobile communications medium can be harnessed to the specific needs of individual organisations operating within the industrial, engineering and manufacturing sectors. Organisations or individuals can track the progress of key deliveries which are critically important to keeping their production lines running.

SMS can also be used for monitoring and controlling external equipment, making it possible to issue instant alerts to key staff and operators regarding any power failures or generator issues.

Additionally, SMS can be used by plant and remote workers to communicate immediately with management on job status and work completed, as well as allowing timesheets to be sent electronically without the need for drawing up paperwork which could delay staff payments or charging-out to an external client.


Public Sector
More and more local authorities are exploiting the potential of mobile communications to enhance the effectiveness of their interactions with people living and working within their area. With increasing pressure on cutting costs wherever possible whilst improving the service provided to the public, mobile communications can be welcome news for many.

Local authorities can use the medium used most by the people they are trying to reach out to - SMS messaging - for connecting with young people in the community. Council departments are also finding SMS to be the most convenient and cost-effective way for sending council tax reminders, issue SMS alerts about holiday bin collections and to promote local community campaigns and large public sector clients are finding SMS invaluable as a way to manage internal staff communications more efficiently.

As a housing association we could assist you in advising on building maintenance and tenant advice and as a result, help you achieve substantial savings on communication costs whilst increasing response rates and awareness.


Mobile technology is already transforming the retail industry. With the rise of mobile commerce, shoppers are beginning to use mobile devices for researching to buying online.


The rise of showrooming is creating difficulties for retailers as customers go online and check for the lowest prices whilst in a retail store. It is therefore critical that retailers do not ignore the online channel and cater for mobile devices - this means developing a mobile friendly website and even an app in some cases. By checking prices of other retail stores - offline and online - and matching appropriately will help ensure you don't lose valuable customers. It is important to also remember that convenience - being right in front of the product and being able to buy it there and then - as well as loyalty to your store can help sway the shopper, even if your prices are slightly above online prices as long as there is not a huge difference.

Multi-Channel Communications

Retailers need to also pay attention to the surge in m-commerce by ensuring that they have mobile friendly websites making the online purchase process as simple and convenient for shoppers as possible. Multi-channel communications are key for online shoppers as it allows them to shop online, receive updates regarding their purchase via email, SMS and even check on delivery options, thus allowing shopping to sync perfectly into shoppers' daily busy lives.

Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM solutions are an effective way to communicate with customers instantly. Our custom services enable tailored information alerts to be sent instantly to your customer group regardless of size. We can help you promote special retail offers, mobile vouchers or broadcast an event. We can help you develop a bespoke offering which no-one else in the industry has developed yet. The flexibility and cost-effectiveness of mobile SMS messaging makes it the ideal medium to use within mobile marketing campaigns for reinforcing brand awareness and loyalty, building market share and gaining that vital competitive edge.

Retail SMS Marketing

Customers can easily benefit from the sheer versatility and adaptability of our mobile SMS messaging services, whether you are a restaurant receiving booking requests via SMS so you can confirm reservations immediately by return text before the customer starts looking elsewhere or a local car garage who want to send service and MOT reminders to customers by SMS.

As a chain store or retail outlet, mass SMS message distribution makes it easy to reach all, or a specific segment of, your customers at once whether it's hot news of special sales promotions, sending out SMS stock alerts, or information regarding in-store events or the arrival of new ranges.

At HSL Mobile, we have developed our own retail mobile solutions to enable you to connect to our system’s easily either by sending SMS online through a web browser or through any email program.


Technology and Telecoms
Seamlessly integrating SMS technology within company monitoring systems ensures IT staff will be alerted immediately in the event of any system failure.

Such immediate notification will alert IT staff to resolve technical faults before they become service critical, helping to maintain high levels of service availability for the benefit of both the company and its customers and this is always good news for any business whether providing or receiving a service.

Adding SMS notification to your monitoring system will not only deliver cost savings by reducing expensive downtime but will also help ensure business continuity and, consequently, customer satisfaction is again a must for any business today.

We have developed mobile communication solutions for hundreds of technology and telecom companies over the years, helping them deliver on a wide variety of projects efficiencly, on time and ensuring customer expectations are met.


Transport and Logistics
HSL Mobile offer clients a convenient way to track the status of their shipments and packages while reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency with our bespoke mobile communications services. You could empower your customers to schedule package pick-up or delivery times with two-way SMS messaging or perhaps you would prefer to get your brand back on track and increase brand recognition.

Mobile Transport Solutions

Mobile communication is becoming increasingly popular within the transport industry and is opening up many possibilities to help streamline journeys, save time, cut operational costs and enhance passenger experiences. Considering the intense competition that is experienced by many, this can be just the solution to help give you that ultimate competitive edge.

Mobile Ticketing

We can ease your passengers' travel pain by assisting with mobile ticketing. Customers can buy a ticket anywhere using their mobile making it very convenient and even better, they can receive tickets immediately. This means travellers do not need to wait in a queue to collect tickets and they can view ticket information from their mobile any time they wish. This helps keep information safe and removes the risk of losing tickets. Companies can also save time and money as the need to print and send tickets is removed.

Airline SMS alerts

Airlines are already utilising SMS travel alerts to keep their passengers informed of any significant service information such as flight SMS alerts with information regarding any changes, delays or cancellations. Flight SMS updates are a great way to enhance customer service and improve satisfaction by keeping travellers updated and allowing them to resolve any knock on effects changes could create on their travel plans.

Courier Mobile Alerts

Courier mobile alerts give firms a means of tracking packages around the globe. Clients can instantly find out the status of their expected delivery items by simply sending an SMS text message with the tracking code to the courier company, receiving an automated SMS reply confirming the status of the package in a matter of seconds. Courier SMS alerts are working exceptionally well and are a great way for companies to easily improve customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business by providing a more efficient service.

Haulage Tracking Service

SMS tracking is also being adopted by some logistic companies for worldwide remote vehicle tracking, as well as providing a cost-effective solution for two-way SMS communication with drivers. M2M SMS (machine-to-machine) also enables aspects of vehicle maintenance and performance to be monitored and reported back to the company’s control centre, including updates on mileage and fuel use. This is a great safety feature and a must for many companies.


Our utility sector clients can also use SMS for communicating with customers and alert them to when an engineer is due to arrive, as well as communicating parts and status updates with employees. Additionally, our clients can alert engineers in the field of any issues or potential problems which is another crucial use for SMS messaging, increasing service efficiency and dramatically cutting response times.

SMS provides multiple opportunities for utility companies, including using machine-to-machine (M2M) communications to collect telemetry data from a remote site that would otherwise need to be visited each time data is required.  This simplifies the process as companies can install the technology at a remote site and then simply evaluate the information as and when it arrives. Water and electricity meters can be remotely monitored and any data collected from the meters would then be automatically relayed back to the utility company by SMS.

So whether you want to deliver accurate, time-sensitive actionable information e.g. promotion alerts, coupons, engineer or parts arrival notifications, billing reminders or order confirmations with target precision or bring immediacy and two-way interactivity to every communication you send or strengthen customer relationships.

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