Using SMS text messaging in schools. Notify staff and parents of school closures, remind parents of upcoming events and notify parents of absenteeism.

Schools need to not only notify staff about any impending school closures, they also need to notify all the parents of students. It is crucial that parents are informed quickly as they may need to arrange for alternative childcare to be put in place and can mean a parent will have to be absent from work. Schools are also under pressure to protect all children. This means that they need to ensure that travel to school is not dangerous as this can have consequences if travel is dangerous and the school remains open. To ensure all staff and parents are informed as quickly as possible, SMS notifications can be used as an extremely effective way to inform all parties quickly and accurately that schools are to remain open or close.

SMS can also be helpful for last-minute notifications when, for one reason or another, an earlier communication with parents has not taken place but needs to immediately take place in order to avoid disruption.

We are able to link to your school MIS once approval for access has been given. Supported MIS include: SIMS, Arbor, RM Integris, ScholarPack, Bromcom, Engage, Progresso, WCBS, iSAMS, Pupil Asset. Support for SEEMiS is expected soon. Our services are suitable for schools who are current Groupcall users or who are considering such services.


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School SMS Messaging
School Text Messaging
We have been trusted to provide highly reliable SMS messaging services to large and small organisations since 1999. We're fortunate to have some customers who were with us at the start still using our services today.  Some of the services we provide are described below in the context of a SMS text messaging service for schools.

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Our services can easily be linked with your school MIS in minutes. Try us without obligation to experience our ease of use, reliability and cost effectiveness.

AlertBroadcast (read more)

The AlertBroadcast service is used for sending messages to staff or to parents direct from your mobile phone. You simply type a text message and send it to the broadcast number. We then immediately send your message to a distribution list of mobiles associated with your broadcast number.

You can have multiple broadcast numbers for different distribution lists, allowing you to send messages to staff, parents, senior management or other teams as you need to.

With AlertBroadcast there is no need to be at a computer to get your message out.
EmailSMS (read more)

The EmailSMS service allows messages to be sent and received by staff from their email. Teachers, management and parents can be sent text messages simply by typing an email with the message content in the subject or the body of the email and then addressing the email to the mobile number at the EmailSMS gateway address.  If using the two-way EmailSMS service, replies from mobiles are received back in the inbox. At any time a mobile can send a message via SMS to the mobile number associated with the email user and the message will be delivered into their inbox.

Using EmailSMS for sending text messages means that you don't need to have another application or login into a website in order to send messages. The sending of messages, whether email messages or SMS messages, is achieved through a common tool - the email client. 
WebSMS (read more)

The WebSMS service is used for sending messages to staff or parents from your web browser on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. Login to WebSMS to send messages and read your received messages.

There are a number of ways to send messages:
- type the mobile number
- select contact from the phonebook
- select distribution list of contacts

The phonebook and distribution lists can be uploaded to WebSMS in CSV format. This allows contact information to be exported from an external system (e.g. MIS or database) and imported into WebSMS. Up-to-date parent and staff contact details can therefore be kept in WebSMS for when they are required.
School will be closed tomorrow, Tuesday 13th Nov, due to inclement weather. An update will be sent tomorrow at 4.30pm.

3-in-1 booster injections will be given on Friday, 23rd February. Please ensure that consent forms are returned so that injection can be given.

P6 Aberfoyle camp students on bus and now on way back to school. Expecting to arrive at 3.15pm for pickup by parents. If ETA changes we will provide update.

St Davids vs Edrington hockey fixture for Saturday, 21st April has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Will be rescheduled for future date.

Commercial / Pricing

For the education sector our message pricing is reduced from our standard pricing. As standard you receive an account that has the capacity to handle as many SMS per day as you require and 10x5 support (0800-1800 UK local time, Mon-Fri). If you are an existing Groupcall user then we aim to provide an equivalent or better service to your establishment at a more competitive price.

Please see Message Suite for a description of the services included in the package for the education sector.

Our services are operated securely in order to protect your data and in compliance with data protection legislation (including GDPR).

If you wish to find out more about our services or to request a demo, quote or trial, let us know and we'll get straight back to you.

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