SMS Text Marketing

We’re the experts who can enable you to get the most out of your SMS text marketing campaigns.

Send marketing SMS text messages to your customers with offers, updates and other information. Use text messaging as one of your main marketing tools to help build customer loyalty and positive customer experiences. SMS text marketing can make a difference to your customers and your bottom line.

Using mobile communications in the retail industry is not a new phenomenon and is fast becoming common place. Customers are quickly embracing mobile as part of their shopping experience to research products and services, find reviews and even check prices whilst in store to see if they can buy it cheaper elsewhere.

As a result, strengthening customer relationships and loyalty is becoming even more difficult in a world where customers are able to find an abundance of information at the touch of a button and search for the best deals around. However, mobile communications also opens up the possibilities of developing and nurturing relationships with customers. Retailers can keep in touch with customers via updates about new product ranges, special promotions, developing apps to enhance the shopping experience and so on.

Mobile marketing is also an effective tool for enhancing customer relationships and generating further revenue. Retail stores can advise their ‘most valuable customers’ about sales promotions instantly by SMS before letting all customers know giving the ‘most valuable customers’ a better chance to purchase products they like as there will be higher availability.

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